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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

10 Ways to Make Money Online in 2013

In today's cyber world, there are many ways to make money online. People are making hundreds of dollors a month. Now you might think that "well, how I can do this?" Now there are many ways, but I will explain only the top 10 ways. You are easily and found useful, that when you're sitting useless in your home so you can give yourself a head start in money making online

1. Blogging

This is counted mostly on the top because it is the most convenient way Toearn. Ask yourselves, that you no passion or know about anything any field. Well, if you have and you are looking up you can start for this field, share it on your blog and also when you traffic get a lot then you can adds money to your site earn. This is the most efficient and easiest way to earn.

2. Making Softwares and Websites 

You are a programmer and Web Developer or a software developer, then you are lucky, you can develop Web sites and online software for other individuals and organizations and she pay you money. This is a really good way to earn money, as your skills in practice remain.

3. Selling E-Products

You have no knowledge about poetry, history writing, novel writing, book writing, cooking, paint, etc., then you do something innovative with your skills and then you sell it online can can. Those who get interested in things you want to sell, be they pay you for this money so it is also a great way, money, but it takes earn skills and creativity.

4. Writing Articles 

If you have to write then there are online companies and websites offering to write good articles, essays, stories and things like that. Write to them and will pay you money. This needs a good ability and is an effective way to make money.


5. Selling Useless Items  

May many useless products in your home, which no longer have to waste only area, you can log on some Web sites such as eBay and Olx and only these products for sale and making money. You don't need any skill, it is really easy to do so.


6. Capture Good Photos

If photography is your passion, then you can earn money through him to beautiful places to travel and capture awesome photos then you can sell your photos and landscapes and earn a lot of money

7. Designing Graphics

You have the capabilities of Adobe Photoshop or other graphic software like the design you can make logos and design graphics for others and to earn some extra money. You can sell these things that you've how iStockphoto just made on Web sites.


8.Earn from Youtube Videos

If you some how have some awesome videos you can only on YouTube like if one in millions or Lakhs, then you will soon be Cantacted from YouTube and then get paid

9.Legits Online Job Platform 

It is a legit online jobs service, you create your money earning platform with some different techniques such as eBay marketing, paid surveys, and data entry would help. It is who would start service with which you make money using several different methods, and it is helpful for you.

10. Sell Affiliate Products 

This is a way to earn money by selling products that asks who advertise more advertise and sell their products, as is a third party. As a result, you'll earn a good sales through them. Today, it is a really good deal.

There are even more options, making money thing to find that it is more suitable for you so think deeply about your skills and then money.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Free Download Avast Pro Antivirus 2013 8.0.1488.286

Avast Pro antivirus 2013 8.0.1488.286 offers complete antivirus, antispyware, antispam, and firewall protection, now supplemented with the new avast! SafeZone technology. It creates an isolated virtual desktop, invisible to any potential attackers, where you can safely do your online shopping and banking.
Avast! SafeZone opens a new (clean) desktop, so that other programs do not see what happens - and it is not a story when it is closed. Our excellent and certified antivirus engine and shields stop also previously unknown threats - for peace of mind while you are chatting or spend time on Facebook, Twitter or other sites.


Download Patch 

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Free Download 7-Data Recovery Suite 2.0.0

7-Data Recovery Suite 2.0.0 does not require the installation utility for Data Recovery from: DE HDD, SATA HDD, SCSI HDD, FireWire HDD, SSD, USB HDD, External HDD, Hardware RAID, Floppy drive, USB flash drive, Compact flash card, Secure Digital card, Memory card / Memory stick,
Micro card, Zip drive, IPod and other media, as a result of damage or hardware failure, virus activity or the other. Podeerzhivaet filesystems EXFAT, NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12.


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bringing Google+ Comments to Blogger

Google introduced a new comments system for blogger feature is not default. but once activated in the blogger dashboard, Google can + comments created via a blog post from Blogger hosted seems aboard postings directly to the blog without any extra effort from the blog owner created.

About Google+ Comments

Google + comments is another, the standard comment system on blogger, out there for blog writers, the your blogger profile on Google + have upgraded. Google + comments can match the following conversations directly below your blog post in one place:

Comments, created on your blogger blog entry
Comments on the blog post you to Google + have in common
Shared content on Google +, links to your blog entry
Readers need a Google + page or profile to your blog comment


Features of Google+ Comments

Google + comments look similar to traditional blogger comments, but have some important differences. For example:

If you write a comment on a blog, see you the option enabled by default, also the comment to Google + to share.
Google + posts that connect with blog posts will appear as a comment under this blog posts
If original comment to Google + is divided, responses to comments on the blog show up in Google + and vice versa, but only for the people, that the original comment was together with
If a comment with the blog author is not released, the blog author is can see not the comment in both locations
As the author of a post, you get Google + notifications when readers comment on or parts you your blog post.

How to Activate and Apply Google+ Comments on Blogger.

  • First, aGoogle plusa ccount,if you haven't already must click here.
  • Connect to your default profile blogger,Google plus profile?How blogger profile onto Google profile
  • Gotoblogger dashboard
  • Select the tab of Google+and select using Google+comment son this Blogv, see the following image:

Monday, 22 April 2013

How To Ban Unlimited IP Address with JavaScript in Blogger

At this time and age are tons of hackers in the blogosphere, turns with only a motive to hack as many websites as possible. Therefore to protect my blog from brute force attacks or kidnapping it is essential, a high level of security system to have. There is no doubt that bloggers platform has the indestructible security if I compare it with one of the leading blogging platform of WordPress. Since blogger sites work enabled on Google's server, so it is extremely difficult to hack or abducts her. But sometimes to comment on content cloning on bombing and spam is the biggest pain. In this situation, a person attempts to find the perpetrators and restrict access his website. In other words, we can say that a ban on its IP address.

How The IP Address Banning Works?

Basically nobody wants to prevent its users breach in terms repeated visiting his website but or a website interferes with services and therefore the results are not amusing for the spammers. There is no corresponding to prohibit a specific IP address, but there are some alternatives, which is quite easily to get the job done. I use a JavaScript encoding unwanted IPs are automatically redirected to a new destination to ban particular IP address. The script is very flexible because we can add unlimited IPs and can customize the destination URL conductive to.

When a visitor, the IP is in the is black list would visit your website, he received a message that "banned your IP address which is XYZ!" and within seconds it will redirect then, banned visitors to a predefined target URL. I've included a screenshot below, so that everyone can easily understand its importance.

How To Redirect Unwanted IP Addresses via JavaScript In Blogger?

The JavaScript file will reduce your website load time, because in this jQuery coding, I humble JavaScript, involved have ever used any complexity. Consider the following statement. (Keep in mind: the same technique can be applied on any platform such as WordPress, Joomla and etc.).
  • Go To > Your Site > Template.
  • Now just Select Edit HTML > Proceed
Hen inside the template search after</head> and before it, add the following JavaScript code. Keep in mind: not this coding paste in the gadget area i.e. HTML/JavaScript otherwise could destroy your site in bad faith. This is the reason why it is necessary, that you rather then add it in your template part in it add a gadget area Add.

var ip = ‘Your-IP-Here‘;
function banned(){
alert(“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\nYour ip address has been banned!”);
function ban(){
if (ip == “Banned-IP-1” || ip == “Banned-IP-2” || ip == “Banned-IP-3” ) {

Replace your-IP-here with your IP address the script could your "localhost" so obtained. Without your personal IP address add this script would no longer work.
But certainly not the least replace last banned-IP-1 which IP address you want to block. There is no limit for the ban by IP. Therefore, we can ban unlimited IPs without any problems whatsoever.

All done: after your victims IP address add and save the template "Save template" button. Now, your site is secure from unwanted users.

I decided to develop a script, allowing users to prohibit unlimited IP addresses. Since we can use not PHP blogger platform. So, I tried to play with JavaScript, and it works like a charm. Would the script is accurate and not laggy experience. What are your thoughts about this technique? Make a lot until then, peace, blessings and happy block.