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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bringing Google+ Comments to Blogger

Google introduced a new comments system for blogger feature is not default. but once activated in the blogger dashboard, Google can + comments created via a blog post from Blogger hosted seems aboard postings directly to the blog without any extra effort from the blog owner created.

About Google+ Comments

Google + comments is another, the standard comment system on blogger, out there for blog writers, the your blogger profile on Google + have upgraded. Google + comments can match the following conversations directly below your blog post in one place:

Comments, created on your blogger blog entry
Comments on the blog post you to Google + have in common
Shared content on Google +, links to your blog entry
Readers need a Google + page or profile to your blog comment


Features of Google+ Comments

Google + comments look similar to traditional blogger comments, but have some important differences. For example:

If you write a comment on a blog, see you the option enabled by default, also the comment to Google + to share.
Google + posts that connect with blog posts will appear as a comment under this blog posts
If original comment to Google + is divided, responses to comments on the blog show up in Google + and vice versa, but only for the people, that the original comment was together with
If a comment with the blog author is not released, the blog author is can see not the comment in both locations
As the author of a post, you get Google + notifications when readers comment on or parts you your blog post.

How to Activate and Apply Google+ Comments on Blogger.

  • First, aGoogle plusa ccount,if you haven't already must click here.
  • Connect to your default profile blogger,Google plus profile?How blogger profile onto Google profile
  • Gotoblogger dashboard
  • Select the tab of Google+and select using Google+comment son this Blogv, see the following image:

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