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Friday, 26 August 2011

Seo of Post optimization Tips to get higher SERP

Let’s talk about On-Page Optimization, especially on posts content. Like everybody said that content is the king, and SEO is the queen. That is the critical area in our site. Blog post optimization gives your posts the best chance for showing up in Google for a predetermined keyword phrase.
I am using a EO plugin, and it give me inspiration to share what are they talking about. There is a technique to optimize blog post for better SERP in search engine result. Not just make a new post, publish and you will get good SERP. At least there are 10 things in their suggestion. What are they? Here is the complete list.
1.    Use Enough Keyword Density.
Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page. Try to use it between 2 – 6%.
2.    Add Keyword Phrase in Post Title.
Always include the primary keyword phrase in the page title. Keep the title less than 70 characters in length.
3.    Add an H1 Tag Containing Keyword Phrase..
Most blog CMS’s automatically assign an H1 tag to the blog post’s title. But if you not sure that your theme have it, add H1 tag with the primary keyword phrase in it on the post content.
4.    Highlight Your Primary Keyword with boldface or strong near the top of your content
5.    Add an image with keyword phrase in alt text.
Always make sure to have at least one image on every blog post. Also, include the primary keyword phrase in the image file name and the image alt text.
6.    Add Keyword phrase to first sentence.
From the start of the sentence, you should use keywords that leads your post contents.
7.    Add Keyword phrase to last sentence.
In your post, most of the keywords should be used so that your post may get indexed. It is strongly recommended that the usage of the keywords must be reasonable otherwise you may be penalized by search engines.
8.    Inbound or Internal Links.
It is recommended to link the primary keyword phrase to a page on your website domain with the intent of helping that page rank for that word.
9.    Use more words.
Try to use enough words in your post content so that most of them get indexed in different search engines like Google. It is commonly seen that longer posts are indexed for different keywords.
10.    Use nofollow link for external links.
As you know that this is a DoFollow blog and it receives almost 98% spam comments. So, don’t use “DoFollow” link for external link, except the link have good and important or have correlation with your post. I suggest you to use “Nofollow” link to all of external link in your blog post.

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  1. Great tips! All these new Panda updates and Search algorithms are no doubt making the life of an seo company very hard. I guess one of the positive things about it though is that it sort of cleans up the online world and gets rid of all the unnecessary extra fluff that we really don't need, and instead we get more relevant information, like you mentioned above.

  2. SEO written articles are of great demand on search engines and you post optimization tips will be gonna beneficial for me