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Monday, 2 May 2011

Free Airtel GPRS Settings on Airtel Live for Mobiles

Browsing trough the net, i get settings for Airtel GPRS to run free internet in mobile. Thi trick tends to get free GPRS via Airtel Live, There are very simple step by step instruction on how you can make this things settled in you Airtel Mobile. This settings are free right now but don't know if someday can converts into chargable so first test one time after starting the GPRS that your balance is not deducted, then go further.
Steps to Get Free Airtel GPRS Settings on Airtel Live for Mobiles

Step 1. you need your handset to be activated with Airtel Live, most of the Airtel SIM are preactivated with Live Settings if not contact the customer care for the settings.

Step 2. Download UCWeb from any Mobile Site.

Step 3. Install the above downloaded application in your phone. Use it with your default “AIRTEL LIVE” settings.

Step 4. If it doesn’t works go through the following steps :
Settings > System Settings > Network settings > Now choose “Direct Internet” instead of “Monternet” and save the settings.

Step 5. Try Browsing any site now.

Step 6. Check your Balance, If you not get charged then this tricks works.

Updated: February 2010 Trick with Free Download
  • First you should have Airtel Gprs Setting for airtel in your mobile handset.
  • Now Edit Settings and confirm that your apn should be “
  • Set your Home Page to “
  • now change Your ip- address to Any proxy site Address.
Proxy Sites You can Use:


This trick may work or may not be so don't blame me after doing this, nothing comes free so first check balance and then use GPRS more. Best Luck.

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