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Sunday, 31 July 2011

To the list of Search Engine

or the beginner course bloggers are still confused, how it will be read by search engines, because search engines are now many in number, I will try to pare the list of simple steps to some of the famous search engines:

List to
How to sign up to yahoo, you must first have an email address at yahoo. If you already have, please click https: / / / submit. please fill in with the username and password you yahoo. After the log will then be available for klolom in the content, please fill the field with your URL, then click the button ADD URL. If you want to enter the address of the feed, and then add your URL atom.xml behind you. Example

To the list of google
How to register to google, please click, When are on signup page there are several steps you have to do is fill in the fields provided, namely:

v URL -> Fill in the URL of your blog

Comments v -> Fill with the keyword or keywords associated with your blog

v Fill empty box with the letters available Verification

v Click the Add button URL

v Finish.

In google, after registering then you will not be directly read on search engines, the time range of possibilities between 1 to 4 weeks. When the 4-week blog you still have not read / terindeks, try your list again.

Listing to MSN
How to register Msn, you try to click please enter your URL and verivy in the column is available, then click Submit URL.

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