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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Atif Aslam live Concert Pics


Birth name: Muhammad Atif Aslam

Born: Wazirabad, Pakistan

Origin: Lahore, Pakistan

Genre(s): Pop,Rock

Occupation(s): Singer Musician

Instrument(s): guitar

Years active: 2005 - Present

Associated acts: Jal

Life & Career

Atif attended high School at PAF College, Lahore, where he played Kabaddi and became interested in music.

He attended Punjab Institute of Computer Science (PICS) to do his Bachelors in Computer Science (BCs).

It was at PICS, Lahore that he met guitarist and talented young composer, Gohar Mumtaz. This lead to performances at their college and at various restaurants eventually pushing the pair into finding a name for their subtly formed band, which they named "Jal" - which means water.

Working together, the pair recorded the song Aadat (with the help of Salman Albert, amongst other established and accomplished Pakistani musicians).

It became popular on a host of promotional Pakistani music websites.

The music video for Aadat was shot one day in a warehouse in Karachi.

On the base of this one song, “Jal” began their tour of Pakistan—such was the strength of “Aadat”.

However, whilst on tour, personal problems led to a verbal bust-up resulting in an unannounced and indefinite hiatus, during which Atif launched his solo career.

Atif Aslam, after leaving Jal, released a new solo album, Jal Pari (meaning "Mermaid") which was a big hit.

The Songs Woh Lamhey, Dil Haarey and few others were smash hits on both Pakistani radio stations and Music Channels. As both the Jal, “Aadat”, and Atif’s album, Jalpari, shared certain tracks (such as “Aadat”, “Bheegi Raatein”, “Wo Lamhey”, “Ankhon se”) an unofficial war over rights began which resulted in both sides claiming to possess hard proof to support their respective claims (that, they alone owned the concerned songs).

The hype this feud gave to both Atif and the new Jal was extraordinary and split the musical nation with the fans of each side backing their respective favourite.

Whilst the drama of lyrics & composition ownership continued in Pakistan, Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt called Atif Aslam to seek his consent to include "Woh Lamhey" in the soundtrack of his new motion picture, Zeher (2005).

The song (especially the remix version) became a hit.

This pattern of a slow playback song by Atif in the movie, supplemented by a remix version released for radio airplay was to become standard procedure with Atif’s songs on the Indian market.

He recorded a song for the movie Kalyug (2005), entitled Juda Hokey Bhi - a slight variation of the ever famous Aadat song.

Like with “Wo Lamhey / Bheegi Yaadein”, a slow version became the theme for the movie and part of the official soundtrack, whilst a remixed version was released to hit the radio stations and desi clubs worldwide.

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