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Sunday, 18 November 2012

How will Google interpret links to URLs ending with a campaign tag?

Also known as URL parameters, ad campaign, Tags are with different variables such as visitor source, partner ID or something like that to say. Therefore, they are used to monitor. To change the URL of this tag or parameter, even if he could show the same content. For example, and, may refer to the same Web page. The important issue is dealt with in these URLs as Google? It is logical to think of them as two different URLs have been added to the key-value pair. And also change some parameters, the Web page content. Google how to interpret such links, which is a day? To keep them on the same page, or not? And what are the effects of an SEO inbound links?

First of all, it is important to know the different URL parameters. There are basically two types of URL parameters; they change the content and those who do not. Changing the contents of the URL parameters are typically used to search, sort, narrowing the results will be used, etc. And why change the content, they should be treated as different URLs.
URL parameters that don't change content, such as a campaign tag IDs, Affiliate referral sources etc is used only for monitoring purposes. Because of these factors, and the content itself, this is what we should be concerned about.

First of all, the crawl team at Google is doing a good job to identify such problems. Multiple URLs showing the same content, you can group them so that the URL and select the URL for the better, according to li will be able to canonicalize. So is the standard URL parameters, is more often than not, Google knows what parameters in the same place then as a Saint, and.

If the URL ends is the standard deviation, or maybe they're unsure of, which cannot be identified, so there are search engine friendly URLs, such as a few of the things you can do to help the process.

  1. Keep it Simple
Always try the rule Kiss and the consequences, or the keep stupid simple! Make it as easy as possible for users and search engines. But if a search engine properly, you can decide that the rel = "canonical" tag in the page. Authorized Web site is the first version (original version) a number of duplicate pages. So Google will know immediately that this URL has multiple versions of the.

You can also use a 301 redirect. If the version of the tag URL page is not Google index should 301 redirect to direct traffic to the original page in the registry on the server, you can use this page only takes a beating.
  2.Configure URL parameters

Also, Google Webmaster Tools URL parameters, and changes to, Google is already known. Repeated to confirm the version of the Url, you can use Google to verify. The following two articles to read and understand, see the URL parameter.

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