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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

How to get Whatsapp from AppCake

Whatsapp for quite some time was the main method, in which people share them. The app is very user friendly app has a number of features that make something useful for people all over the world. WhatsApp has won great popularity, mainly due to the fact that people can connect with the rest of the world, there is no cellular service. It allows people with their families to stay in other countries, very cheap (again, for free) method.

What’s up with whatsapp !

WhatsApp is one of the latest applications and made to the source of life for some people, ca not to imagine life without this wonderful invention. However, they are all good things with negative aspects. WhatsApp began something happened in the not-too-distant past. What was what caused hundreds of people to the problems of the face at a time when I needed this service, best? Read more... 

Whatsapp - innovative app for ISO

The inexpensive part what probably the major attraction for people. Whatsapp came free and who doesn't like a free, useful app every now and then? However, recently, the situation has changed and Whatsapp now charges its iPhone customers a certain amount for them to be able to use the application. This is something that has disappointed users all over the world. This took place very abruptly; I myself remember getting a notification from Whatsapp to upgrade Whatsapp, which I ignored.

Could one day I no longer Whatsapp a only two hours after my previous use of the app access. As a result, I found out that I had to; update my iOS, as well as the version of Whatsapp get too much effort, a mere app! But for all the disappointed iPhone users there is a very simple way by which you can get Whatsapp, without having to pay a dime! Find out more? Read more...

How to Get Whatsapp for your iPhone

He first thing you need is, that should be your jailbroken iPhone. If you have such a device, he has probably installed Cydia. Note, however, that jailbroken devices lose their warranty.
If you have Cydia, your problem is solved, the half. The following is a list of the steps you need to follow to get Whatsapp:
A package of AppCake install from Cydia +. This is readily available on Cydia and not too long if you have a good Internet connection
Once installed, you can at your discretion AppCake. AppCake is the alternative to Installous and works wonders. Search in AppCake Whatsapp.
Download the latest version of Whatsapp.
That's pretty much! It is easy and completely free! Once you have Whatsapp, all you have to do follow all the procedures for Whatsapp and you are good to go! Enjoy your Whatsapp once more and stay tuned!

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