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Sunday, 31 July 2011

About Search Engine Optimization

If you want your website to be on the order of the highest in Google, Yahoo, or other search engines, you need to run the technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By applying this technique SEO, blog or website you not only be at the highest order in the search engines, but your blog will also have many visitors.

Try entering the keyword "click here" on google, what sites appear? Download Acrobat Reader? Why? While the pages do not have any posts of the "click here". Why can so?

SEO techniques there are two types, namely ON and OFF PAGE PAGE.

ON PAGE SEO techniques, then create pages as well as we may in the search engine. Namely by choosing the appropriate title, keyword adequate but not excessive, adding a link on a keyword, bold, italic, and so forth. The following tips techniques ON PAGE:

   1. Focus on your keywords, think a moment about who will be entering a keyword in what Google or Yahoo is right to your website.
   2. Use the title contains a keyword.
   3. Use the keyword 5 - 10 times in the content of your writing to.
   4. Use the ALT (and link to image) containing your keyword.
   5. Use bold and italic on your keyword.
   6. Use the link on your keyword.

OFF PAGE SEO techniques, is a way to link as much as possible towards our blog. You can participate in the exchange of links with a friend, or install a link on myspace page, comments, guest books and so forth. The more links that point to our website, then we will be more PAGERANK high. PAGERANK means the higher the more likely we are in the website's highest order of search engines.

You should also consider Anchor Text on the link to the website you. What is on the Adobe website the highest ranking in Google for the keyword "click here" is because many websites that there is a link to the page with the words: Download Adobe Reader, click here. The "click here" is called the Anchor text as a link. Try the links that lead to your website in accordance with the keywords that you become a target.

The following are the things that are forbidden in the SEO (blackhat SEO), if you run this prohibition, then your website will be search engine blacklists (not index):

   1. Make a doorway, that is a special page for search engines that are not useful for visitors to your site.
   2. nstall a link on your website, including the category "bad neighborhood," there is a site that already-in-blacklist (including a link farm).
   3. The program paid links.
   4. Build a link in a very large amount in a short time.
   5. Its contents match the other website.

Search engines at this time is the smart, make a website or blog your weight and useful for visitors, then your website will be visited by many people from all over the world.

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