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Sunday, 31 July 2011

the SEO Picture

if you have a blog posting that there is a lot of pictures, the actual image file can be beneficial to bring the reader through the search engine google or yahoo. Maybe some of us who have less or no attention to the role of SEO images for the site you, or may not know how. How, is using the ALT attribute on the IMG tag.

ALT attribute for IMG tag on this, you can provide keywords that match the pictures and write in the form of diskripsi but not too long. If there is one post in two or more images and do not repeat the keyword.

Example : world.jpg, america.jpg, music.jpg

The provision of the image file name must also be considered, not the origin of the name make. Try the name of the file containing the keywords, use underscores instead of spaces, do not try to repeat key words and naming the file is too long and do not use a keyword too many do not.

Example : My-music.jpg, My_wive.jpg

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