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Sunday, 9 December 2012

The Art (And Science) Of Building A Link Profile

Guest Post - Our host is Matt Foden, Matt explains new link building as an art and science.See How To Become a guest author on Seo4teach

Amyriad of Google algorithm changes the last mag now difficult to navigate the choppy waters of marketing research. Previously approved practical SEO on the head off the most recent updates of the Penguin and Panda.

For example, to broadcast technology once exact domain names for the use of certain keywords now undervalued and are the subject of the search engine. It must be said, however, that for a long time and, in particular, to change the cards really make much sense. An another relatively new update what I'm after, but it focuses on, update, that depended on the punished sites keyword anchor text links. I need to check as the lived experiences and practical advice that you can use on their sites.

Wild West Seo

Let's start with the basics. What are the "Wild West" of SEO, once if you want to rank for a particular keyword, all documents to the appropriate target was, is a keyword (for example, a meta title and description) and create a keyword not anchor text backlinks. This ensures a quick success, until it comes to work. Fast forward a cowboy today and in the days of these SEO practices than a bit of the Sheriff of the Far West Google tamed. In fact, many websites that is a large part of the keyword anchor text links in the profile based on the classification. One of the first sites that partner Web site, contribute to the service picture literally fell into the night. After further investigation, I found that 70% of the keyword links to use the anchor text, cooperative, which is too high and, therefore, a natural appearance.
Fortunately, my new sites much more stable base is provided for links is based primarily on the brand and they then flowers. But what exactly you should, if you find that one of the sites as well?

A natural link profile

The first thing to do is to stay calm. Put yourself in the position of Google and really thought about their preferred profile connection profile, you can see what natural organic-looking, that has grown and evolved over time, and it offers a wide variety of links from a different domain the pool types. A natural link profile are sufficient for a large part links and links (put the horror) the profane "by clicking here. You have not a natural profile is tons and tons of artificially manipulated keyword anchor text links. When we work for our customers, we build them links tend to be at least 70% of brand connections, which means that they make, the URL of the site or one of its variants.

A number of published studies of online sites that are the most benefited from the RecentChanges Algo is 80% + mark profile link is links. I say not, based on a keyword in the anchor text links, they're just building should be what it a small part of the whole profile. So if a site that has suffered from too many links to text a keyword rich anchor, you will need to build a balanced profile. Focuses primarily on the strengthening of the links and this from various sources, such as the posts comments get. It can take a long time to restore a try, but if you work with a link to the patient profile is to set all the possibilities to make your site.

If you have a study of some dodgy back on your profile links, you can improve your chances of recovery of deleted links. First try to contact the webmaster of the request for deletion of links. If this does not work, you can use the new knowledge of the Google tool for:

Another tip that has worked well for customers, there is a small "hybrid" anchor to reach construction. These fumes combine the keywords of the brand that you are targeting. Suppose that you are an electrician in London and electricians Smith & sons is the name of the company. Then, you can build

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